Duffel Bags: Pros And Cons

Duffel Bags: Pros And Cons

Michael Keogh

Duffel bags are sturdy and spacious, but they're not every traveller's go-to choice. Whether you're looking for luggage that's nice and roomy, a chic travel accessory or something super practical, choosing a suitable bag is essential to enjoying a hassle-free journey. To help you make the right decision, we can tell you everything you need to know about duffel bag luggage.


Advantages of Duffel Bags

There are lots of good reasons to go travelling with a duffel bag. Offering a flexible structure, durable exterior and superior spaciousness, it's not hard to see why this style of luggage is so popular. Here are the advantages of duffel bags broken down in detail:

Spacious and Easy to Pack

The best thing about duffel bags is how roomy they are. Their cylindrical and unstructured shape is perfect for travellers who need lots of room for bulky gear. Many duffel bags can also be opened from the side, allowing for easy packing. This feature can come in handy if you need to stash items like diving gear or snow boots in your bag.


Unlike the slightly more rigid structure of a suitcase, a duffel bag's flexibility makes it easy to squish into small spaces. Anyone who's ever tried to wrestle their bag into a tightly packed overhead compartment will appreciate the advantages of travelling with such a pliable piece of luggage.

Together with being flexible, many duffel bags are also fashioned from water-resistant materials. This can make getting caught out in bad weather merely annoying rather than a complete disaster (keep in mind that water-resistant is not the same as water-proof, so don't go throwing your duffel bag into a pool or anything).


They might not be known for their sophistication, but fashionable duffel bags do exist. Leather styles like the Cairo or Oran radiate rugged style, or if you prefer eye-catching colours, check out Eagle Creek's range of duffel bags.


Disadvantages of Duffel Bags

Of course, every style of luggage has its imperfections. These are the disadvantages of travelling with a duffel bag:

Lack of Security

Duffel bags can be slightly more difficult to secure since they don't have built-in locks like most suitcases. To protect your belongings, look for a duffel bag with lockable zips. You can also reduce the risk of being targeted by slash-and-grab thieves by investing in a duffel bag fashioned from durable fabric.

Hard to Carry

Duffel bags are fine for carrying over short distances - especially styles with padded shoulder straps. But if your trip involves plenty of trekking, you might want to go with a backpack or wheeled suitcase instead.

Got your heart set on buying a duffle bag? Some styles can be converted into a backpack, giving you the best of both worlds. You can even get duffel bags with wheels and a retractable trolley handle that allow them to be transported like a suitcase.

Difficult to Keep Organised

No matter how carefully you fold your clothes, keeping a duffel bag organised can be tricky. Because most duffel bags come with a spacious main compartment, it can be difficult to prevent things from shuffling around while you're on the move. Travellers who prefer to keep their luggage neat and compartmentalised may be better suited to a different style of bag.

Have we convinced you that a duffel bag is the right choice for your next trip? Or maybe you've decided to go with a different style of luggage? If you're looking for a duffel bag to buy, we can help. Check out our complete range of duffle bags today.