7 Most Exotic Locations In The USA For Your Summer Holidays

7 Most Exotic Locations In The USA For Your Summer Holidays

Aleem Khan



Say Aloha if you are ready to wash away your worries and soothe your soul with the warm sunshine rays of Hawaii. Time to get away and unwind in one of the most exotic places in the USA. You can get a surfing lesson or eat mouth-watering cuisine along the coast of Hanalei.

Spend the afternoon at Hanalei Bay’s white sandy beach, browse the town’s art galleries, explore nature at the Limahuli Garden and Preserve, or enjoy kayaking in the Hanalei River.

Lanai Island is a dream destination for couples. A secluded island with low traffic and pristine sandy beaches. Enjoy a walk in the Garden of Gods, hike to the rock formations, or enjoy the view of neighboring islands.


Big Sur, California

The unforgettable sceneries along the coastline, long stretch of redwood forests, and experience the stunning views of the Mediterranean region. Santa Lucia is a youthful region made up of solid crystalline rocks. The sea of the Big Sur is an official Marine Sanctuary for sea otters. A diverse ecosystem, riparian woodlands, oak forests, and grasslands are home to much precious flora and fauna. The unspoiled beaches, waterfalls, and beautiful scenic views are the major attraction of Big Sur.


Olympic National Park, Washington

The glacier-caped mountains, rugged coastline, alpine forests, and temperate rainforests give the Olympic national park its distinctively diverse ecosystem. The weather is pleasant and sunny during summers.

Hurricane Ridge is the most accessible mountain and is perfect for a hiking trip. The clear, pristine waters of Lake Crescent, surrounded by old forests and mountains, are a sight to behold. Forests, lakes, and snowy mountains populate the Sol Duc Valley.


Denali National Park, Alaska

Solitude, tranquility, and wilderness await you at the home of the Alpine Tundra of Denali National Park. Low Valleys and high mountains with peaks covered in snow and unfenced wildlife roaming free in the wilderness. Bicycles, canoes, and hiking are some fun activities to explore in the park. A flightseeing tour is also available in Denali.


Mount Rainier, Washington

Glaciated peaks, subalpine wildflower meadows, and an active icy volcano are famous attraction spots of Mount Rainier. Along the river, visitors to Ohanapecosh Camp can experience the beauty and complexity of an old-growth forest, western red cedars, and western hemlocks. Glorious views and wildflower meadows give Paradise its breathtaking beauty. Sunrise is the highest point at Mount Rainier National Park, where a vehicle can reach.


Aleutian Islands, Alaska

The archipelago is a chain of 14 large islands and 55 small islands. Nestled among active volcanoes, sculpted coastline, and miles of rugged, wind-swept landscape, the adventurous traveler can explore ancient Alaska Native village sites, visit beautiful sandy beaches, view wildlife, or enjoy unparalleled fishing opportunities. The communities living there share a common heritage. The Unangax tribe has been living on these islands for 3000 years. Temperature is uniform throughout the year. Heavy precipitation makes the Aleutian Islands one of the rainiest places in the USA.


St Augustine, Florida

With the gilded age hotels, cobblestone streets, military forts, castles, unique shops, and cafes, the city of Saint Augustine boasts about its glorious history.

On every corner of the city, historical places, artifacts, and relics bring to life the timeless stories of the ancient city. Build memories and take a photo as you walk in the historic and ancient city of Saint Augustine.