3 Tips To Stop Things Getting Lost At School This Year

3 Tips To Stop Things Getting Lost At School This Year

Michael Keogh

With the kids soon going back to school, it's always exciting to buy a brand new uniform, shiny new stationery and a stylish new backpack. Parents know though, it also brings the hope that none of these items go missing within the first term.

If your child has had their fair share of belongings end up in lost property, there are a few ways you can help them stop losing their things.


Get labelling

From their pencil case and book bag to their lunchbox and water bottle, put their name on absolutely everything. Use a label maker or a permanent marker to clearly label your child's belongings with their full name. Adding their grade and class will be extra helpful for anyone who might stumble across your child's belongings.

Stitching your child's name into their school uniform and hat is a great way to keep track of their garments. It's a wise idea to also include your phone number in case your little one leaves their hat, bag or jacket on the bus!  


Use luggage tags

There are only so many Disney characters featured on school bags. If your child is one of eight students donning the latest Frozen backpack, it might be a tough time for your little one to bring the right bag home. Make it easier for them by using a luggage tag to identify their bag.

Clearly label your child's backpack while making it stand out with a bright coloured luggage tag. These are also perfect for schools that require uniform backpacks. Not only do they help spot your kid's bag and avoid mix-ups, they're also heaps of fun. With so many colours and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect tag to express your youngster's personality!


Make a checklist

A great way to remind your kids to bring everything home with them is to write a clear list of items in the front of their school diary or exercise book. This way, they can check the list to make sure they have everything in their bag before they leave the classroom.

By going over the checklist together when they get home, you're more likely to track down that missing jumper than if weeks passed before your little one noticed it was gone. Don't forget to reward them for remembering all their items - even just a fun sticker will encourage the positive behaviour to continue.

Avoid the frustration of having to replace your kid's school items with these handy hints to stop them from getting lost. Got some helpful back to school tips of your own? Share them below!