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You may be able to depend on suitcases and duffle bags for getting all your belongings from destination to destination, but what about carrying your essentials on board or during day trips? These scenarios are best handled by Travel backpacks. Whether you’re hiking through a foreign city for the day or catching a long flight where you want easy access to items stowed overhead, a travelling backpack is exactly what you need.


The best travel backpack for you is the one with the features that meet your needs. If organisation is important to you, a backpack with multiple compartments is a must. If you simply can’t travel without your laptop, choose a bag with an internal laptop pocket. And if your back or shoulders get sore easily or you just need a highly versatile bag, a travel backpack with wheels could be just the item for you. Think about what you require from your backpack and you’ll be able to narrow down your options until you’ve found the perfect match.

Don’t forget to take other factors into account as well. What colours and styles do you like? What fabric is most comfortable for you? You’ll be spending a lot of time with this backpack, so it’s important that you like how it looks.

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