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Travelling abroad soon? Bags To Go stocks the best Travel accessories available in Australia; browse below to find some great deals on items you’ll be glad to have during your next trip. Our range features travelling accessories from leading brands including Lonely Planet, GO Travel Accessories, Eagle Creek, Comfort Travel, Samsonite and more.

For Security

Journeying overseas or even locally can be a stressful experience, so it’s a great idea to invest in some extra peace of mind. This could come in the form of protection for your luggage, such as padlocks with keys or combination locks. You might also appreciate the security provided by RFID-blocking travel accessories; Australia is one of the many countries where official documents like passports are RF-enabled and therefore vulnerable to wireless identity theft.

For Comfort

Travelling comfortably will ensure you can fully enjoy your destination. From portable pillows and sleeping masks to ponchos, raincoats and umbrellas, we stock everything you could need to keep the family happy and comfy during transit.

For Convenience

We also stock accessories aimed at making travelling an easier and less stressful experience, including toiletries bags, packing cubes/compartments, and travel-sized versions of appliances like kettles, irons and hair dryers. Our power adapters will keep you charged, no matter which continent you’re visiting, and a variety of luggage tags will help your gear stand out on the airport carousel. Some of these tags are extra bright and colourful as well, making them fantastic kids’ travel accessories.

Bags To Go is your one-stop shop for all your travelling needs. Browse through our extensive collection of products and get ready for your next trip today. 

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