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Qantas Luggage


Our Qantas range offers you a wide selection of suitcases, electronics and travel accessories for both comfort and practicality. Please see the full range of Qantas luggage by Bags To Go below.

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About Qantas Luggage

For nearly 100 years, we have had the big white and red flying kangaroo of Qantas, flying above our heads. Qantas has always been synonymous with class, prestige and high-class travel. They are well known for going the extra mile to ensure their clients are travelling in comfort. Qantas have released a range of luggage to ensure your belongings are also travelling in style.

Qantas is one of the most established brands in Australia. They are at the forefront of the airline industry and have a deep understanding of what traveller needs. Qantas will always call Australia home.

Qantas have built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service. That reputation has seen them release luggage with all those brand pillars in mind. Featuring soft and hard cases in all different colours and sizes, there is something here to suit all passengers. Much of their luggage range is ultra light, which is a necessity for the airplane traveller.

Qantas has always been financially accessible by all Australians and they have continued that trend with this luggage. With pieces starting from between $100-$200, there really is something for all hip pockets.