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Oran offers a range of leather products for both men and women, made for a variety of activities, from work, study to outdoor adventure. The quality of Oran leather goods is backed up by a manufacturer warranty, all warranties start with a minimum of 12 months. Bags To Go has an extended range and you can see it below, please enjoy Oran Leather. Check out some of our most popular ranges of Oran Leather bags below.

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About Oran Leather

Oran Leather is renowned for design and elegance in the products they produce. Oran Leather provides the highest quality leather goods that will stand the test of time. Their classic designs will allow your pieces to travel with you long into the future, as they are timeless. Oran has a wide range of products, colours and styles.

Oran leather is family owned and has had a long love affair with leather that has lasted years. The skills and craftsmanship has been past down for generations. The Oran leather brand was established in 2001. Oran leather has a certain charm about their products. A lot of thought and love is put into every product which makes them unique and one of a kind. They are simple, but have a lot of sophistication. Any item from Oran Leather’s range will freshen up your current wardrobe and be sure to last you many years to come. They are beautiful, timeless and classy.

Oran leather is one of the leading suppliers of leather goods in Australia. They are known for using the highest quality leather and they come with generations of experience.