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Luggage Leash


Luggage Leash is the latest technology available to enhance luggage security. Using a simple Bluetooth tracking device, Luggage Leash has reinvented how we prevent our luggage from theft or being misplaced.

Put your mind at ease when travelling and invest in Luggage Leash today.

Luggage Leash
Luggage Leash
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How to use the Luggage Leash


To operate this high-tech travel accessory, all you need to do is stash the leash anywhere in your bag and download the free app to your smartphone. After syncing the app with your device, you’ll be able to locate your bag using innovative Bluetooth technology.

With Luggage Leash, you can customise the perimeter to suit your unique preferences. If your bag gets moved from your selected boundary, you’ll be alerted through the app. If you lose your bag, all you’ll need to do is set it as ‘lost’ on the app and Luggage Leash will help you trace its most recent identified location.