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Luggage Leash


26 million pieces of luggage are lost or stolen each year. Are you looking for a way to prevent your luggage from being lost or stolen? Luggage Leash can help through its new Bluetooth tracking device.



  • Hide the leash anywhere in your luggage
  • Download the app to your Smartphone and become part of our worldwide travel community
  • Locate your luggage, through the use of our bluetooth technology
  • Battery lasts 2-3 years in deactivated mode, 3-6 months in constant use

Note: luggage leash only


Interested in how it works?

All you need is a Luggage Leash beacon and to download the free app onto your mobile phone (requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above). Simply follow the instructions and sync the Luggage Leash to the app and set your desired perimeter around you and your item, therefore if the item is removed from your selected perimeter range you will be notified via your phone. The Luggage Leash will work within a 20-30 metre range of your mobile phone, and Bluetooth will need to be turned on after selecting airplane mode. A number of pieces of luggage can be linked to one phone as long as you have a Luggage Leash located within each case.


How does it locate my luggage when it becomes lost or stolen?

If your luggage becomes lost, set it as ‘lost’ within the app and then all other phones using the ‘leash it’ app start searching for your device and notifies the owners app where, what time and what day it was spotted and will show the last known location on a map.


How long does the battery last and how do I know when will it need changing?

The battery in the Luggage Leash lasts 2-3 years in deactivated mode, and 3-6 months in constant use. It will gradually decrease the distance range when the battery weakens. A replacement battery will be required if the leash will not connect to your device, or if the light does not flash red or green when pressing the on/off switch.


Why buy Luggage Leash?

It has proven to have a longer range than our competitors’ products, and gives you the option of setting your desired perimeter distance. It has a number of added features such as; multiple luggage tracking, unique SOS feature that can assist you in a time of trouble and has the ability to quickly message your entire group should you be in an accident or need other assistance, built in authorities’ app, a user replaceable battery and a unique group facility to message family and friends about upcoming events.


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