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When you need a hard-wearing, modern backpack, the GlobePacs collection by Numinous won’t ever let you down. Teeming with advanced safety features and incorporating the latest technology, these backpacks are ready for any travel purpose. Whether you need a new bag for your daily commute, a mini-getaway or as your day-bag on extended holidays, you’ll feel confident travelling with GlobePacs.

Every Globepacs bag has a state-of-the-art security system in place in order to better protect your belongings. Featuring Numinous’ anti-slash technology, shield combination lock, TSA-approved zip locks and anti-puncture zips, you can rest assured your things will be kept safe throughout every journey.

There are 4 style options to choose from, including a Laptop/Tablet Backpack, Wheeled Luggage/Travel Pack, Rucksack/Travel Pack and the Rucksack/Travel Pack. Each model is equipped with its own unique elements designed to enhance user experience.

Enjoy superior functionality and comfort with GlobePacs and shop the range online today.