Wallets for Kids

Wallets for Kids

If there is one thing kids love, it is pretending to be adults. Whether you have a little lady or a mini man, a themed Kid’s wallet may be just the thing that lets them exercise their imagination.


A Gift That Will Last

Want to avoid adding another plastic toy to the pile for birthday presents? Kids’ wallets are the perfect solution. Whether they are used purely for play, for storing pocket money or to take to the shops to feel like a grown-up, the child in your life is sure to love these specialty children’s wallets. A wallet can be more than just a gift – use it as a way to teach your child about spending, saving and the importance of money. These lessons can last a lifetime.



Bags To Go stocks quality kids’ wallets from reputable brands such as Disney. Many of our products have all the practical features you would expect to find, such as separate compartments for coins and notes and card slots for easy access to library cards or membership cards.

Our range comes in a variety of sizes and colours, so you’re sure to find just the right wallet for your child. We are dedicated to providing you with affordable, high-quality items from the biggest brands around, so don’t worry about breaking the bank either.

If you are looking for wallets for kids, Bags To Go has everything you need. Check out our products online and order something for that special little person in your life today!