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Disney Tote Bags

Bring the magic of Disney to every family holiday with Disney tote bags. Thrown over a shoulder, unpacked in excitement at a sleepover or carried off on an adventure, a Disney overnight bag is a fun and versatile accessory to suit the active lives of little ones.


Superior Versatility

Perfect for sports-crazy kids, Disney tote bags can be packed with all types of gear and thrown into the backseat of a car with ease. Lightweight and featuring fully lined interiors, every Disney tote bag has a large main compartment. This allows them to double as a duffle bag for after-school and weekend activities, whether that involves soccer boots or ballet slippers.

Truly versatile, Disney tote bags are also ideal for sleepovers, school camps and family holidays. Flexible and easy for small arms to carry, they feature detachable shoulder straps and top carry handles. They’re also made tough, so they can keep up with the energy of little travellers.


Dote on The Tote

Beloved by generations, Disney is synonymous with magic and adventure. Your child will dote on their Disney tote bag, cherishing the memories they make with this accessory by their side. Ideal for school camps, sporting trips and weekends away, Disney tote bags are built to accompany kids on any trip.

Summon the spirit of Frozen characters or the charm of Mickey Mouse with our different Disney overnight bags. Shop the range of Disney tote bags online or instore at your local Bags To Go outlet.