Are you seeking the ultimate in travel luxury? Take a breath of relief because your search ends here. Introducing the Elite range, brought to you from expert manufacturer Pelican. These hardy, waterproof suitcases are the epitome of style and strength.


Luggage That Won’t Let You Down

This entire range has been designed with toughness in mind. Every model in the Elite collection is watertight, crushproof and guaranteed for life. If you need a heavy duty suitcase, this is the range for you. Pelican has gone to extreme lengths to give you peace of mind; this range has passed more tests than your average high-schooler. These tests include:

  • Freefall impact test with up to approximately 11 kilograms of weight
  • Submergence test for one hour at a depth of one metre.

Elite suitcases are built to withstand extreme pressure on their hard exteriors – up to 680 kilograms. These bags will stand up to almost anything you could throw at them. Read more about this durable yet lightweight range now.


Convenient Features

Whether you need sturdy carry-on luggage or a couple of tough hardside suitcases, Elite has you covered. Features of this range include:

  • Lightweight design
  • Recessed TSA-approved combination lock
  • Recessed carry handles
  • Convenient retractable handle
  • Custom wheels
  • Watertight seal.

These are only the basics – be sure to click through to each bag to see the full specifications.

Don’t spend your next journey wondering about the state of your belongings. You deserve a relaxed trip; the thought of broken goods at the other end shouldn’t even cross your mind. For all your luggage needs, from carry-on right through to large hardside suitcases, Bags To Go has the solution for you.

Order your Elite suitcase today and enjoy the calm that comes with knowing nothing can harm your belongings.