Delsey Luggage

Delsey Luggage

Delsey has been providing style-conscious travellers with chic luggage options for over 70 years. This famously French brand is renowned for their unique sense of style, high-quality materials and expert luggage engineers. Showing little regard for convention, the team at Delsey are anything but boring.

If you’re in search of a travel accessory that radiates classical elegance, Delsey luggage comes in an assortment of sophisticated styles, sizes, and textures. Featuring the Chatelet Hard Plus, Chatelet Soft Plus, Vanves and Belmont ranges, plus a nifty little beauty case, Delsey’s product range has something to suit every trip. All these collections were designed in France, ensuring Delsey’s signature French style remains an integral part of every new product they release.

In addition to their good looks, all Delsey products are fitted with innovative components. By investing in a Delsey bag, you can enjoy inbuilt breaking systems, secure zips, shockproof exteriors and Japanese Hinomoto wheels, plus a range of other cool features. And if you ever lose your luggage, many Delsey bags are fitted with a unique identification tag. This feature makes it easier to find your luggage, even if it’s ended up on the other side of the world.

Check out some of our most popular ranges of Delsey luggage - Chatelet Air, and Grenelle.


Register Your Delsey Luggage

Understanding the real possibility of having one's luggage lost or stolen during travels, Delsey has incorporated a unique identification code on some of their luggage ranges, increasing customers' chances of finding lost luggage. This service is available on some of Delsey's major ranges including Chatelet Hard Plus and Montmartre Pro.