Cosmolite 3.0

Cosmolite 3.0

Samsonite is known for quality suitcases with great features and designs. The new-look Cosmolite 3.0 range lives up to expectations, delivering a great luggage option for travellers heading to any destination.

Durability is important no matter how long you’re away from home for, and as one of the lightest yet strongest spinner suitcases available on the market, it’s clear why this range is a favourite amongst travellers.

Cosmolite 3.0 suitcases feature an innovative design that takes the best textile technology and combines it with superior luggage design. By weaving self-reinforced sheets of plastic together, Samsonite has designed the Cosmolite 3.0’s exterior so that it works like a suit of armour. If you’re worried about your personal belongings getting damaged while you travel, this range provides an extremely high level of protection.

The hardwearing shell is one of the Cosmolite 3.0’s most appealing features, but its interior is just as impressive. All sizes across the range features cross ribbons, compartments and divider tabs, along with a TSA combination lock.

Available in Copper Blush, Midnight Blue and Black, these suitcase are also super chic. Pick out a Cosmolite 3.0 today and start travelling in style.