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Comfort Items

Bags To Go has a fantastic range of comfort items and travel accessories designed to make travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

For many people, travel can be the worst part of any holiday. Jet lag, uncomfortable seats, long trip durations, a lack of sleep – none of these are a great way to start or end any holiday! Whether you’re travelling by plane, coach, car or ferry, these luxury travel accessories can help you relax while in transit.


Comfort Travel Accessories

Let Bags To Go help you travel in complete comfort. Sleeping aides like inflatable travel pillows, earplugs and eye masks can create a restful environment on even the most turbulent flights or bumpiest car ride. Luxury travel accessories like compact towels, hairdryers and travel kettles can be a godsend if you’re looking to take a few of the creature comforts on the road with you.


Health Travel Accessories

We have a wide range of accessories designed to keep you healthy while on the go. Acupressure products discreetly solve issues relating to travel sickness and motion sickness, while solutions such as toilet seat covers and toothbrush guards keep you healthy by limiting your direct contact with germs, giving you total peace of mind.


Security Travel Accessories

With our range of security accessories, you and your possessions will be much safer during your next trip. Keep unwanted eyes and hands out of your luggage with a high quality case lock and hide your passport and valuables on your person with a concealed holster wallet.