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Family travel

Travel Must-Haves for Him, Her and the Kids

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, practical travel accessories make every journey easier – particularly if the whole family is in tow. Prepare in advance with the right travel equipment to ensure you can handle any inconveniences along the way.

Take these must-have travel essentials with you the next time you fly, or keep them in mind as gift ideas for the holiday season.

Travel Must-Haves for Him

1. Go Travel Bag Packers

Internal bag organisersPacking is super easy with this 3-piece luggage organiser. It’s available in 4 different colours and features small, medium and large packers secured by zippers, so you can arrange your belongings accordingly. Breathable mesh fabric prevents the spread of mould, and the clear window slots make it easy to identify the contents of each packer so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

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2. Pacsafe Instasafe Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

Ideal for business trips, this bag’s advanced security features are sure to keep your work essentials safe. The RFIDsafeTM blocking pocket protects your electronics and credit cards from skimming devices, while the eXomesh® slashguards and RoobarTM locking system add an extra layer of protection.

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3. Pacsafe RFIDSafe Wallet with Chain

travel wallet

This Pacsafe wallet is the perfect gift for anyone about to embark on an overseas holiday. Featuring RFIDTM material and turn and lock security hooks, it’s completely guarded against potential thieves. The wallet comes with a detachable metal chain that can be secured either to a belt loop or the inside of a bag to dissuade pickpockets.

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Travel Must-Haves for Her

1. Delsey Chatelet Air Beauty Case

This divine beauty case has enough storage space for all your skincare, haircare and makeup products. Functional and chic, its strong and sturdy structure will keep your personal items safe during travel, and the smart internal organiser is perfect for makeup storage. Suited to quick trips and longer journeys, it’s a great option for style-savvy travellers.

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2. Pacsafe Daysafe Anti-Theft Slim Crossbody Bag

Anti-theft crossbody bag

Stylish and practical, this crossbody bag is ideal for day trips in foreign destinations. The slashproof carrysafeTM shoulder strap and RFID blocking pocket will stop thieves in their tracks, and the interior is smartly designed with a padded tablet compartment and an organisation panel.

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3. Go Travel RFID Organiser

Travel organiser This organiser is perfect for storing all your travel essentials. It’ll keep your passports, money and cards in one place and protected from thieves thanks to the RFID blocking material. There’s plenty of room for your travel documents and plane tickets, so you won’t have to rummage through all the different compartments in your bag to find them.

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Travel Must-Haves for the Kids

1. Samsonite Convertible Travel Pillow

Travel pillow for kids

These adorable accessories double as a cuddly friend to play with and a comfy travel pillow for long-haul flights. Filled with soft beans, the U-shape offers both comfort and support. They’re great for keeping the kids entertained and comfortable during every journey!

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2. Kids Bagz Wheel Trolley and Backpack Set

Kids trolley set

In search of a new suitcase for your little one? Look no further than this lightweight 2-piece luggage set. Made from tough polycarbonate, its sturdy exterior can withstand being knocked around. The cabin-sized bag has enough space to pack everything your  children will need to stave off boredom during long flights, and the 4-wheel trolley’s interior comes with a divider for easy organisation.

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3. Disney Comic Wallet

Disney wallet

A great stocking-stuffer idea for Christmas, the Disney Comic Wallet is a neat accessory for kids to take on holidays. Fitted with compartments for cards, coins and notes, they can keep all their spending money stashed in this cute wallet.

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Travelling is made easier and more enjoyable with the right luggage and accessories. If you’re still stuck for Christmas gift ideas, browse the Bags To Go collection of travel accessories for inspiration.


The Beauty of Travelling Within Australia

Sure, travelling to new countries is an exciting, adventurous way to spend your holidays. With entire continents to explore, it’s no surprise Aussies favour overseas destinations. However, if you’re constantly looking beyond Australia’s borders, you’ll miss out on all our country has to offer.

There are so many perks to domestic travel, you might want to consider making your next exploratory trip a home-grown one.

It’s close and easy

Long 14-hour flights in packed planes with multiple connections and stopovers are nothing short of exhausting. The pain of jet-lag when you finally arrive at your destination can easily cut into several days of precious holiday time. With domestic travel, you can be at your destination within a few hours, fully rested and ready to sightsee. There’s also no need to worry about any currency conversions (or money lost from it) and you won’t have to go through customs.

Itinerary planning for domestic travel is a breeze; rather than doing tons of research on the places you’re going and mapping out every moment of the day, you can be more relaxed with your travel plans. As an added bonus, you won’t have to buy an international sim card or suffer any data roaming costs.

You can have fun road trips

No matter where you live in Australia, there are bound to be some amazing destinations within driving distance. Travelling domestically is a great way to turn your holiday into a fun and adventurous road trip. Perfect for creating long-lasting memories with the people you choose to go with, road trips are good for the soul. Deciding to see Australia by car also gives you a whole new sense of freedom and stunning landscapes to see.

It can be spontaneous

The great thing about flying domestically is there’s no need to plan; you could book a flight today if you wanted to! You don’t need to organise a visa, or make sure you have the correct vaccinations – you don’t even need your passport. The spontaneity you have with domestic travel opens up a wealth of possibilities for you to pursue.

It’s safer

An advantageous aspect of travelling within your own country is the added safety. Aside from the familiarity you have with your own country’s rules and customs, you’ll also know exactly what to do if you come across adversity; and your friends or family won’t be far away should you need them. Of course, there’s also the benefit of it being much easier to ask for help when everyone speaks the same language.

You support your own country

Tourism is vital to the development of a country’s economy. It generates more jobs and increases spending, as well creating revenue in the form of tax dollars that can be put towards advancing infrastructure.  When you travel domestically, you’re supporting the growth of Australia and its future.

You can make friends easily

Whether you’re journeying solo, with friends or a partner, it’s always awesome to make new friends throughout your travels. Connecting with people and building relationships is much easier when you speak the same language and share a similar Aussie sense of humour. Staying in touch and planning visits with the people you meet along the way is also much simpler when they live in the same country.

It can be cheaper

Depending on how you budget your expenses, travelling within Australia will usually be cheaper than heading to an overseas destination. Of course this can vary with your choice of accommodation, daily spending, attractions and the length of your trip. But as you’re already accustomed with the cost of most things in Australia, it’ll be much easier to put together a budget and (hopefully) stick to it.

Have we convinced you to make your next trip a domestic one? If you’re looking to purchase a new bag for all your local travel needs, check out our range of nifty domestic carry-on pieces.

4WD adventure

Best 4WD Adventure Tracks in Australia

4WD adventures are just that – adventures you can only tackle with the help of a trusty 4WD vehicle. Typically, 4WD journeys cover tough terrain where an ordinary 2WD car would be left bogged, stuck, or broken.

Embarking on a 4WD adventure is a great way to get off the beaten track. All the hassle and distractions of city life can be left behind as you explore a beautiful, secluded part of the world. In particular, a part of the world off-limits to those without the right vehicle.

But no 4WD trip counts as an adventure unless you’re given a proper challenge. 4WDing is no walk in the park – that’s the bit you get to enjoy after navigating tough terrain, narrow tracks, intimidating slopes and constant bogs. These challenges are what separate 4WDing from sightseeing – it’s a difficult yet fascinating way to engage with nature.

Once you arrive at the beautiful, mud-less plains you’ve been searching for, you can set up camp and really take in your surroundings. Forget about dodgy campsites that place you 3 metres from your neighbours – having a 4WD means you can escape the crowds and find tranquil destinations. There’s absolutely no better way to appreciate the outdoors.

That isolation is one of the most appealing aspects of taking a 4WD trip. No computers, no social media, no TV, no internet – you can disconnect from the virtual world, and reconnect with the real one.

Best 4WD Tracks in Australia

Our vast, largely uninhabited nation has some of the greatest 4WD tracks on the planet. Australia’s unique blend of mountain ranges, sandy deserts and dense rainforests are perfect for any avid 4WD enthusiast. If you’re looking for the perfect 4WD adventure, these tracks are worth checking out:

Ingeegoodbee Track (VIC)

4WD trip

Any Victorians looking to put their 4WD to the test need to explore the Ingeegoodbee Track. Graded as a particularly difficult track, it can only be accessed at certain times of the year. This tough, rocky pass calls for a 4WD with high clearance, but boasts some incredible locations for fishing, swimming and bushwalking.

Key features:

  • Time required – 1 day
  • Distance – 99km
  • Best time to travel – Summer (only on dry days)
  • Activities – bushwalking, fishing, swimming.

Gibb River Road, The Kimberley (WA)

4WD adventure

When you picture 4WDing in Australia, images of red dusty roads, tough crossings and the outback probably come to mind. Gibb River Road offers the modern-day equivalent of classic outback exploration, taking you through some of the most scenic and historical landmarks this country has to offer. You’ll find the old hiding places of Jandamarra, an Aboriginal bushranger who lived in the late 1800s, and some natural swimming holes.

  • Time required – A few days for a complete exploration
  • Distance – 654km
  • Best time to travel – Autumn to spring, avoiding wet weather.

North Stradbroke Island (QLD)

4WDing Australia

North Stradbroke Island’s balmy weather and laidback culture make for a perfectly relaxing holiday (or a great adventure).

4WDing enthusiasts will love the challenge of driving through soft sand – just be sure to set your tire pressure down below 20 PSI. The beaches are closed to driving an hour either side of high tide, but if you’re forced to pull over at least you’ll have spectacular scenery to enjoy.

Key features:

  • Time required – Half-day to a full day
  • Distance – 53km
  • Best time to travel – All year.

Corryong to Tom Groggin (NSW)

4WD adventures Australia

This beautiful run is the ultimate all-rounder. It’s rare that a single 4WD adventure will take you through thick rainforest, tough vertical climbs, classic Australian bushranging history and watery overpasses. You’ll even find a hut once inhabited by great Australian poets of the past, and the lands which inspired ‘The Man from Snowy River’.

Key features:

  • Time required – Half-day
  • Distance – 151km
  • Best time to travel – Summer (the road is closed through winter)
  • Activities –

Googs Track (SA)

4WD tracks Australia

This beautiful picnic location is certainly no picnic. Adrenaline-seeking 4WD experts will enjoy navigating the steep sand dunes found throughout the surrounding landscape.

And unlike most tracks in Australia, this really is a test for both the car and driver. There’s no fuel, no water, no supplies at all to be found along the way. If you’re in search of an unconventional holiday destination, look no further.

Key features:

  • Time required – 2 – 3 Days
  • Distance – 353km
  • Best time to travel – May – October (best to avoid during summer)
  • Activities –

Not into 4WDing? There are plenty of other ways to spend your days off. Check out our favourite retreats around Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne to start planning your next trip away.

A Guide to Flying with Christmas Gifts

Celebrating the holidays away from home? Unless you’re planning to leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute, you may need to fly with presents stashed in your luggage. We can offer expert tips on flying with Christmas gifts to help you keep your precious cargo safe.

Are wrapped gifts allowed on planes?

Wrapped gifts are permitted on planes in both carry-on and checked luggage – but keep in mind that airport officials may need to open them for security reasons. Regardless of how beautifully you’ve gift-wrapped your presents, airport officials have a job to do and they won’t hesitate to rip your pretty wrapping paper to shreds. To avoid having your gift-wrapping efforts go to waste, only wrap your presents after you’ve reached your destination.

In cases where you can’t avoid travelling with wrapped gifts, putting them in your checked luggage will make them less likely to get opened. Just be careful when it comes to checking anything of value – if the item gets stolen, lost or damaged, you’ll probably never recover the cost.

Should I pack gifts or ship them in advance?

Shipping items in advance is a great way to avoid the stress of flying with gifts. If you’re planning to pack an entire suitcase full of presents, avoid getting a sore back by sending your Christmas haul via post.

Opting to ship your gifts may incur some upfront costs, but it’s better than getting stung with fees for exceeding your checked luggage allowance. Just don’t leave it too late – express shipping can be costly (especially if you’re headed overseas), so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get your presents safely delivered to your destination.

How to pack gifts in your checked luggage

christmas gifts in baggage

Nothing can ruin Christmas quite like a squashed or broken gift. These tips for packing presents in checked luggage will ensure the contents of your bag survive the flight intact:

  • Use a hard-shell suitcase if you’re travelling with fragile gifts. Whether it’s due to turbulence or careless baggage handlers, your luggage can get tossed about quite a bit during transit. Softer bags simply can’t offer the same standard of protection as a hard-shell suitcase.
  • If there’s enough room in your bag, enclose your presents in a cardboard box to keep them looking freshly wrapped on arrival. You can also use packing peanuts to add extra protection.
  • Surround your presents with soft items like clothing. Putting a fragile present right next to your hairdryer is just asking for trouble.
  • Check what’s allowed in your bag, as different airlines have varying rules relating to what you can and can’t bring on-board. Always look at TSA guidelines before heading to the airport.
  • Buy gifts that are easy to pack. Before splashing out on a bike or something similarly hard to fit inside a suitcase, keep your upcoming trip in mind when Christmas shopping.

How to pack gifts in your carry-on luggage

Never lose sight of your presents by putting them in your carry-on. If you’ve never travelled with gifts in your carry-on bag before, take note of these tips to enjoy a hassle-free flight:

  • Get the biggest carry-on bag allowed. Check your airline’s website to see what kind of rules apply to the dimensions of carry-on luggage, especially if your gift is quite bulky.
  • Wrap your gifts in a loose layer of bubble wrap secured with a rubber band.
  • Place valuable gifts under the seat in front of you. You might think it’s safe to put items in the overhead locker, but valuable gifts should never leave your line of sight.

Gifts you’re not allowed to pack in your carry-on:

Airport security is a pretty big deal these days, and certain items simply aren’t allowed in carry-on bags. The following gifts may draw the attention of airport officials:

  • Toys that resemble weapons (such as toy guns)
  • Some sporting equipment (items like baseball bats and hockey sticks are prohibited by most airlines)
  • Toiletries (most toiletries must be under 100ml to be allowed in carry-on luggage, although this may depend on which airline you’re travelling with)
  • Liquid or semi-liquid food such as cheeses or jams.

Now that you know how to fly with Christmas gifts, you should be free to enjoy stress-free plane travel this holiday season. If you’re planning to invest in a new bag before Christmas, check out some of our favourite ultra-light carry-on pieces.

3 Travel Destinations You’ll See in Your Newsfeed this Year

Social media is a great source of wanderlust. Whether you’re ready to book a vacation or just dreaming of getting away, why not let your newsfeed inspire your next holiday? These 5 destinations are predicted to dominate travel trends in 2017!


Tasmania was one of Australia’s best-kept secrets, but recently its tourism industry has really taken off. Now, travellers from all over the world come to wonder at the state’s natural beauty, historical cities and unique attractions. From the bustling streets of Hobart to Launceston’s famous food and wine culture, there’s plenty to see and do. To plan your trip, check out Discover Tasmania for helpful tips and travel advice.

Tasmania’s weather can be a little unpredictable, so having a water resistant bag will come in handy. The Eagle Creek No Matt What duffle bag is constructed from a water repellent Bi-Tech fabric, making it the perfect option for a trip to Tasmania.


Whether you want to sun yourself at one of Seminyak’s beaches or unwind at a yoga retreat in Ubud, Indonesia has something for everyone. Made up of over 13,000 islands, this tropical destination is one of Australia’s closest neighbours. Known for its beautiful coastline, active volcanoes and vibrant culture, Indonesia is sure to make an appearance in your Facebook or Instagram feed a few times this year (at least!). It’s also great if you’re looking for a destination that’s easy to get to, as the plane ride is relatively short (it takes around 7 hours to fly from Sydney to Jakarta) and there’s plenty of airline options. Start mapping out your itinerary today by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

Has social media inspired you to backpack through Indonesia? The High Sierra Composite backpack should be spacious enough to fit all your necessities. It even comes with a handy detachable day pack.


If Iceland hasn’t popped up on your newsfeed yet, it’s only a matter of time. With its waterfalls and glaciers, this Nordic island nation is home to some of most amazing scenery in the world. From chasing the northern lights to enjoying Reykjavik’s famous nightlife, it’s the perfect place to visit for travellers in search of both adventure and relaxation. To learn more about this part of the world, check out Visit Iceland.

As its name would suggest, Iceland can get pretty chilly. For a piece of luggage that can fit all your bulky winter clothes, the American Tourister Air Force suitcase comes in a large size that boasts a spacious main compartment.

If you’re sick of seeing everyone on your friends list travelling the world, cure your envy by booking a holiday for yourself. Whether you plan on visiting one of the places listed above or another destination, Bags To Go is sure to stock an item of luggage that suits the trip you have in mind. Start browsing our online factory outlet here!

How to Know When It’s Time for New Luggage

Nearly everyone has that one piece of luggage they’ve relied on for years. Whether your favourite bag is falling apart or starting to look a little outdated, even the most reliable luggage needs replacing eventually.

Not sure if you need to invest in a new bag just yet? To keep your personal belongings safe while you travel, it’s essential to keep an eye on how your old luggage is holding up. If you’re worried it might need replacing, watch out for the following:

Stressed Out Seams

Seams can be a bag’s most vulnerable component. After years of wear and tear, the stitching can start to fray. If your luggage is literally bursting at the seams, it might be time for a replacement and we recommend investing in a bag with reinforced seams such as the No Matter What duffel bag by Eagle Creek. With super strong stitching in high-stress areas, this nifty duffel bag can handle plenty of wear and tear.

Outdated Features

A bag that looks old-fashioned (but not in a cool, retro way) can bring down your whole outfit. Not that fussed about fashion? Style shouldn’t be your only concern. If your bag’s appearance is outdated, chances are its design is too.

Older bags are usually heavy and hard to manoeuvre. Instead of sticking with a bulky old suitcase, consider treating yourself to a lighter piece of luggage before your next trip. Luggage manufacturing is pretty high-tech these days and many brands have invested in ultra-lightweight materials. Take Antler’s Juno suitcase for example. Constructed with polypropylene, this suitcase is much lighter and more durable than anything you could have bought a few decades ago. The larger size weighs just 4.2kg!

Dodgy Wheels

Spinner suitcases make travelling the world a breeze. But if your bag’s wheels don’t roll as smoothly as they used to, getting a new one might be your only option. The first sign that a suitcase needs replacing can often be seen in how smoothly it moves across surfaces. A quality spinner suitcase should be able to take on sharp corners and bumpy pavements without any difficulty. If the wheels are cracked or crooked, you will notice an immediate difference in your bag’s manoeuvrability.

There are plenty of spinner suitcases to choose from at Bags To Go. If you’re looking for something little flashy, try taking a Hartmann 7R suitcase for a spin.

Worn Out Fabric

Textile suitcases are always a popular option, but they can wear down over time. Even if any holes haven’t appeared in your bag yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not due to be replaced. If your bag is old enough, the fabric may have thinned so much in places that a rip could appear at any moment. Just think how inconvenient it would be for your bag to fall apart halfway through your trip!

If you want your next fabric bag to be really high quality, the Chatalet Soft Plus range by Delsey is luxurious yet practical.

We know it can be hard to give up on your favourite piece of luggage. If you’re worried that you might not be able to find a bag that’s just as dependable as your old one, we can help. Our online store has so many different options, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a suitable replacement!


4 Sunny Cities to Visit with a Carry-On

If you thought travelling with just carry-on luggage was for only weekend getaways and business trips, think again. With carry-on only airfares getting cheaper all the time, more travellers are choosing to travel light. When you start planning your next holiday, keep in mind that warmer climates are the easiest places to visit with just carry-on baggage. Even if you’re headed overseas, you’d be surprised at how much you can squeeze into a compact cabin bag.

Looking for a destination where you won’t need a ton of luggage? Here are our tops picks.

Airlie Beach, Queensland

Make the most of Queensland’s sunny climate by paying a visit to Airlie Beach, an idyllic little city in The Whitsundays. Apart from its glorious weather and a lively nightlife, what really stands out about Airlie Beach is its laidback vibe. Dress codes aren’t a huge deal, so you won’t need to pack too many fancy outfits. Unless you plan on staying for an extended period of time, an overnight bag should suffice.

Kuta, Bali

Famed for its beautiful beaches, Kuta is one of Bali’s major tourist cities. The weather is warm all year round, so you won’t have to pack any bulky winter clothes. It practically impossible to run out of things to see and do in Kuta, but these are some of the city’s most popular attractions:

  • Kuta Beach
  • Vihara Dharmayana Temple
  • Circus Waterpark
  • Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation Site
  • The Dream Museum Zone.

If you’d like to roam around some of Bali’s other regions during your trip, a carry-on size backpack won’t weigh you down.

Worried about not being able to fit all your travel essentials into a cabin bag? The great thing about Bali is how few necessities you’ll need! A small selection of summery outfits, a pair of bathers and some basic toiletries can get you through at least a week in Bali. For more handy travel tips that apply to this part of the world, our blog post on Luggage for Travelling Around Asia can tell you everything you need to know.

The Gold Coast, Queensland

Cities don’t get much sunnier than the Gold Coast. This iconic tourist destination offers the best of both worlds – you can either experience the ultimate in luxury by staying at a fancy resort, or enjoy a slightly thriftier holiday in a budget-friendly hostel.

Of course, no matter where you go, you’ll likely have to carry all your possessions with you while you travel, so it’s important to keep them secure. A travel lock should do the trick, and to protect your credit card from high-tech pickpockets, invest in RFID protected shoulder bag.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Fancy jetting off to Honolulu for a little rest and relaxation? You might think Hawaii is too far away to visit without a lot of luggage, but carry-on suitcases have come a long way in the last few years. Thanks to clever space-maximising features, it’s now easier than ever to fit lots of clothes and toiletries into a carry-on size suitcase. Just remember that most international flights come with strict carry-on limits. Every kilo counts, so play it safe by investing in a luggage scale.

Don’t let pricey plane tickets stand in the way of your wanderlust! With a quality carry-on bag, you can make the most of cheap fares and travel as far and wide as you want.

Range of the Month: Applite 2.0

Planning to travel light on your next adventure? Look no further than the American Tourister Applite 2.0 range. These understated bags are ideal for when you’d rather not be weighed down by luggage but you also don’t want to sacrifice any of your favourite travel essentials due to a lack of space.

Applite 2.0 bags are so astonishingly light – you won’t believe how much easier they make travelling, whether you’re hitting the road, jetting off on a plane or relying on public transport. Regardless of your destination, the Applite 2.0 range can be relied upon to get you there in style with minimal hassle.

What Makes Them So Popular?

Heavy suitcases just don’t cut it these days, with contemporary travellers preferring to invest in luggage that’s easy to manoeuver. American Tourister’s practice of building their bags using only ultra-lightweight materials have made the Applite 2.0 range especially suited to air travel. Weighing just 2.2 kilograms, you won’t have to worry about exceeding any luggage allowances, leaving you with more flexibility when packing.

If you find yourself running through airports on a regular basis, several spinner options are included in this range. Not sure what size would suit you best? The small is ideal for mini breaks and speedy business trips, while the large is perfect for extended holidays. Still undecided? You can always play it safe and go with the medium.

The Applite 2.0’s 3-digit TSA lock

Our Favourite Features

The Applite 2.0 range might look simple from the outside, but don’t let the minimalist design fool you. In keeping with American Tourister’s meticulous attention to detail, these bags are fitted with an assortment of clever features, including:

  • A fixed 3-digit Transport Security Administration (TSA) lock, so you can stash away your belongings with extra peace of mind
  • A fully lined, vibrantly coloured interior
  • 360-degree multidirectional wheels (spinner bags only)
  • 2 front pockets
  • An expandable zipper for increased capacity
  • Lightweight top carry handle.

Broad Colour Selection

Many bag collections tend to stick with one colour scheme, typically either subtly stylish or bright and showy. However, the Applite 2.0 range offers the best of both worlds. From more traditional shades of black and grey to bright purple and orange, Applite bags come in all kinds of colours, so you can find a shade that meshes perfectly with whatever look you’re going for.

Start browsing the Applite 2.0 range here. Or to see another of our favourite collections, check out October’s range of the month: American Tourister’s Bon Air.

5 Security Hacks for Travelling

While travelling offers many amazing advantages, being a tourist can often make you a target for pickpockets and scammers. Some countries tend to be safer than others, but it’s not uncommon to worry about security while abroad. It may even result in you being unable to truly relax and enjoy your adventure!

To keep safe on your next trip overseas, follow these 5 security hacks for travelling from Bags to Go and learn how to protect your valuables before even taking off.

  1. Protect yourself from RFID devices

Modern thieves and scammers don’t need to snatch your bag to steal from you anymore, thanks to RFID devices that can obtain your identity information and credit card details by simply being near your wallet. Protect yourself against identity theft and credit card fraud by blocking these radio signals with anti-theft, RFID blocking equipment.

As electronic pickpocketing is becoming increasingly popular, arming yourself with items such as our Skimming Stopper RFID Protection Card and Anti-Theft / RFID Blocking Backpack will ensure you are protected.

  1. Keep your valuables hidden

Backpacks and handbags are easy targets for pickpockets, so it’s always best to keep your valuables hidden and close to your body. Keep your cash, cards and passport safe and out of sight with a bum-bag or waist wallet.

Secure your valuables with one of our RFID Protected Waist Bag/Bumbags, keeping your possessions hidden discreetly under your clothes against your body and away from snatching hands.

  1. Keep your luggage secure

When travelling, there are many occasions where your luggage may be left unattended and easily accessible by others, particularly in the airport. Keep your luggage safe from having items taken, and possibly planted, with a padlock or bag cage system.

Using bag protecting devices such as the ExoMesh Bag Protector will deter thieves and scammers, ensuring you are the only person who can access your bag.

  1. Track your luggage

If your bag has ever been lost or stolen, you will know the frustration and panic that follows. Be prepared with a Bluetooth tracking device such as the Luggage Leash, so in the unfortunate event that your bag is stolen or goes missing, you can track it down.

Simply place the Luggage Leash tag into your bag and download the app to track its location. This clever invention will give you peace of mind when the time comes to check in your luggage.

  1. Be sensible

Sometimes, you just need to use your common sense. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of discovering new cultures, but you should always stay aware of your surroundings and be smart about how you carry and store your belongings. For instance, it’s never a good idea to walk around with your wallet in your back pocket, but in places such as Paris that are known for pickpocketing, you’re sure to quickly become a target. Make sure to invest in proper security measures and your holiday will go off without a hitch!

Don’t let your concerns about security put a dampener on your travels. Be prepared with these 5 security hacks from Bags to Go so you can get back to the important stuff – enjoying your adventure!

Luggage for Travelling Around Asia

Preparing for a holiday in Asia? If you’re hoping to invest in some new luggage before setting off, don’t rush into buying anything until you’ve carefully considered your travel plans. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than being stuck in a foreign country with an annoying bag or suitcase to lug around. Whatever kind of activities you have planned for your trip, Bags To Go has got you covered! Keep reading to find out what luggage option is best for your holiday.

Backpacking Holiday

When it comes to finding suitable backpacks for travelling to Asia, we stock a range of versatile options. Whether you’re island-hopping in Bali or trekking across the Great Wall of China, a comfortable and spacious backpack is a must if you plan to do a lot of walking during your trip. Backpackers tend to travel light out of necessity, but that’s no reason to forego the essentials. If you’re going on a long haul holiday, the Caribee Wheeled Hiking Backpack has a capacity of 75 litres and more than enough room for all of your clothing, toiletries and other supplies. For shorter trips, we also stock arrange of smaller backpacks that will equip you for your next adventure.

Luxury Escape

From beachfront resorts to five-star hotels, Asia has plenty of luxury accommodation. If you plan on staying somewhere fancy, you’ll need plenty of outfit options in order to look the part. Rather than stuffing your nicest clothes into a backpack, a lightweight yet spacious suitcase like the medium American Tourister would be much better suited to a luxurious journey throughout Asia. Featuring a fully lined interior, expandable capacity and 3 TSA combination locks, this is one of the best suitcases for safe and comfortable travel. If you’re the kind of person that likes to change their outfit every couple of hours while on holiday, our range of large suitcases should be able to accommodate all of your wardrobe options.

Road Trip  

Travelling across the Asian continent by car or bus would no doubt be exciting, but keeping your belongings safe might be something of a challenge. The roads can get a little bumpy in some parts of Asia, so you’ll need a bag that can withstand being bounced around in the back of a vehicle without sustaining any damage. We suggest the Blackwolf Bladerunner duffel bag due to its functional design that includes all-terrain wheels and lockable zips.

Once you’ve decided which kind of bag would best suit your trip to Asia, don’t forget to stock up on travel accessories. And for more overseas travel advice, be sure to read our previous blog post on how to make overhaul flights more comfortable!