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If you’re selective when it comes to buying luggage, you may have met your match in the Sub Zero range. Expertly engineered by AUS Luggage (a family owned and operated brand) these suitcases are suited to all forms of travel. Whether you’re gliding between business meetings or trekking through foreign lands, a Sub Zero suitcase can keep you looking cool.

One of the best things about the Sub Zero’s design is its carbon fibre finish. Crafted from a lightweight polycarbonate, this range is exceptionally tough. The outside of each suitcase is shock-resistant, preventing any scratches and dents. Featuring a corrugated, high-gloss outer casing, this means that the Sub Zero’s exterior not only looks futuristic, but also offers an exceptional standard of protection.

With super smooth wheels and an easy grip top handle, even the largest size in the Sub Zero range is easy to manoeuvre. If you’re worried that you might not be able fit all your essentials, each Sub Zero suitcase comes with a proportionately roomy interior, making packing less of a hassle. Whether you’re shopping for a carry-on case or something a little larger, this range has a suitable option for every traveller. 

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