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One of the latest hard side collections to be released by Samsonite, the Optic range is exceptionally hardwearing. Designed to make travel easier, these suitcases are made from polypropylene, a tough form of thermoplastic.

The Optic’s exterior features a sleek finish and chrome details, with contrasting high gloss and matte textures. Sold in a fashionable shade of Metallic Black, the look of this suitcase can go with any outfit, whether you’re dressed for a business trip or a holiday in the Bahamas.

The Optic range’s distinctive square shape and secure zipper closing allows for a generous packing capacity. Elastic cross ribbons can keep your clothes from getting wrinkled, while a 3-digit TSA combination lock enhances security. With a divider pad featured in the top comportment, organising the contents of your suitcase is easy.

Whether you need a carry on bag or a slightly larger suitcase, each size featured in the Optic range is lightweight and therefore effortless to manoeuvre. With smooth rolling double wheels and a height-adjustable top carry handle, an Optic suitcase can get you where you need to go.

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