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Designed by French luggage brand Delsey, the Moncey range is made out of ultra-durable polypropylene. Despite being known for their signature Parisian style, Delsey is also adept at producing tough luggage with practical features. If you encounter any bad weather during your journey, the Moncey’s water-proof outer shell will protect your belongings from moisture damage.

Built for maximum impact resistance, these suitcases can withstand the ups and downs of international travel. No matter how many rough plane rides you take or the number of steep streets you need to maneuverer your suitcase through, you can rely on the Moncey range to go the distance.

Sold in Blue, Red and Black, there’s a Moncey suitcase to complement every traveller. You can also choose from a selection of sizes to suit your travel needs, including small, medium and large. Browse the Money range and upgrade your luggage collection today.