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It’s important to protect your valuables while you travel. No matter what county you’re visiting, thieves tend to target tourists all over the world. If you want the highest standard of security, the Coversafe range offers an easy solution. Designed to fit beneath your clothes, the best thing about these bags is how easy they are to hide. With enough room for essential items like your wallet and passport, they’re great for security-conscious travellers.

The Coversafe range features a variety of styles. Whether you want to stash your possessions on your waist, in your bra or down the front of your shirt, there are several sizes to choose from. The Blocking Holster features 2 zippered compartments, making it one of the roomier options in the Coversafe range. Looking for something a little more compact? The Secret Belt Pouch is so small it can easily be tucked under your shirt.  

If you don’t like the idea of having something strapped against your skin, Coversafe bags are made from a super breathable material. They won’t cause you any discomfort, so no matter what size you end up choosing, your comfort and security is guaranteed. To enjoy peace of mind while you travel, pick one up before your next trip.