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From lightweight duffel bags to sturdy backpacks, the AT8 range features an assortment of durable and spacious luggage options. Designed by High Sierra, a leading brand in outdoor equipment, these bags can withstand being taken practically anywhere, whether you’re going on a business trip or a backpacking holiday. Featuring padded laptop compartments, waterproof pockets, hidden straps and gel-lined handles, the AT8 range is hard to overlook if you’re planning a holiday anytime soon.

Rather than having to choose between a suitcase with wheels and a backpack, some AT8 bags can do both. Being able to adapt your luggage to different environments is a huge advantage when travelling, especially if you don’t have your itinerary all mapped out yet and aren’t sure what kind of conditions you’ll have to contend with along the way.

On top of being the perfect travelling companion, the AT8 range is also suited to everyday use, whether you need to transport work materials, your gym gear or other personal items. With such a wide variety of sizes and capacities for you to choose from, you should have no problem finding a bag that can meet both your travelling and everyday needs in the AT8 range.