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When it comes to premium luggage, there’s nothing quite like the 7R Master range. With over 250 individual processes required to make just one of these suitcases, an expert level of craftsmanship can be seen in their attention to detail and exceptional durability. Having been made by Hartmann, a heritage brand with over 135 years’ experience in luggage manufacturing, the quality of these suitcases is guaranteed.

Combining sturdiness with extravagance, the 7R Master range is constructed from the finest aluminium. If you plan on investing in one, don’t expect it to go unnoticed. 7R Master suitcases are designed to turn heads, with everything from their distinctive metallic exterior to their leather-coated handles making them stand out from the crowd.

The 7R Master Range is currently available in small, medium and large, in either rose gold or titanium. To see more Hartmann suitcases, be sure to check out the 7R and 7R2 ranges.

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