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When travelling in a foreign country, it can be hard to gauge how safe you and your belongings are at any given time. You can’t always know the best areas to walk through, and theft might be more prevalent than you are accustomed to at home.

This is why carrying your most valuable items in a secure waist bag while travelling is such a wise and popular practice. And for this purpose, look no further than the StashSafe range by PacSafe.

Thief Proof

The StashSafe range will keep unwanted fingers away from your wallet, keys, passport, money, and other precious items. On top of strong slashguards, this item features a strap that is both slashproof and lockable, ensuring your bag can’t be snatched away. For ultimate security, keep your bag hidden beneath your clothing. But even when not concealed, this modern accessory is a formidable foe to any would-be thief.

RFID Proof

In addition to deterring thieves, your StashSafe item will also double as RFID-safe travel gear. The theft of the digital data stored on unsuspecting people’s passports, credit cards, and other microchipped possessions is just one of the newer ways thieves are operating. Fortunately, this RFID-blocking bag comes with a special compartment that prevents any illegal scanners from swiping your information.

This PacSafe range is the perfect solution for the modern and wary traveller. For these and other items that will keep your possessions – both physical and digital – protected, be sure to browse our huge selection of luggage online. 

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