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Delsey - Chatelet Hard Plus 67cm Medium 4 Wheel Suitcase - Black

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CHATELET HARD PLUS is a vintage collection combining elegance, innovation and comfort. The DELSEY innovation: a patented integral brake which stops your wheels with a single movement. Your bag will never run away again! With four double, silent-running wheels, this cabin case is very pleasant to roll along. Its security is enhanced by a TSA combination lock. Travel in style and show off your "Unmistakable French" touch with CHATELET HARD PLUS!



  • Designed in France
  • Silent Japanese Hinomoto wheels
  • Exclusive integrated brake system - an innovative built in system which, when activated, can lock the wheels so that 4 wheeled luggage remains in place, such as in public transport for example.
  • Smart fittings - contains several compartments and pockets to make your personal items more accessible.
  • Exterior shell made from tough Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate
  • Easy grip side and top handles for lifting and carrying
  • Fixed TSA combination lock - optimal security for your luggage with a TSA compatible code approved by the US Transport Security Authority (TSA) so that American authorities, using a special TSA key, can check your luggage without damaging it.
  • Web tracking - the unique identification code enables you to be put in contact with the person who found your luggage in the event of loss or theft in order to recover it.
  • Comes with a coathanger and 2 laundry sacks


Product Code:

Chatelet Plus 67cm Black


Size (cm):

68.5 x 44.5 x 29 (including wheels)

61 x 44.5 x 29(excluding wheels)


Weight (kg):



Capacity (litres):

88 (including wheels)

79 (excluding wheels)


Warranty (years):