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  • Armourcard - The Superior Protection for Wireless Skimming Crime

Armourcard - The Superior Protection for Wireless Skimming Crime


Armourcard is the only product on the market that has an Active Battery Boost Jamming Proximity field of up to 10cm ( 5cm each side of the Armourcard) with its patented technology you can have the most superior protection around your credit cards & ePassport documents to prevent electronic pickpockets from skimming your personal data.

Armourcard is proudly an Australian invention.



  • ACTIVE ELECTRONIC PROTECTION - Battery Boosted Jamming Forcefield of up to 10cm (5cm each side of Armourcard)
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION FOR CONTACT-LESS DEVICES - Will protect any device that communicates over 13.56 Mhz like your ‘Tap & Go’ credit cards & ePassports
  • CONVENIENCE - You are still able to use ‘Tap & Go’ payment terminals, (you can temporarily disable ARMOURCARD jamming signal and use the facilities as normal.) Just disable then ‘Wave & Go’
  • MULTI – CARD or ePASSPORT PROTECTION – (ARMOURCARD protects multiple cards within the jamming proximity forcefield)
  • SIZE – ARMOURCARD fits into any wallet or purse and is a similar size to a regular credit card
  • FREEDOM – The choice is back in your hands. (You are no longer forced to buy ugly wallets or sleeves just to get some form of questionable passive protection.)
  • Custom interior for perfect packing
  • BATTERY BOOSTED - Armourcard does not rely on power from the reader trying to interrogate your cards or ePassports to power its jamming forcefield (passive), that is why Armourcard has a superior jamming proximity. ( Armourcard’s batteries will last between 18 - 24 months under normal use)

Note: armourcard only, other items not included


Battery Life of your ARMOURCARD

Your new ARMOURCARD has its own power source so it doesn’t need to rely on the RFID signal from a reader to power up. ARMOURCARD‘s battery life is estimated between 18 months & 24* months depending on the amount of times it is powered up. You are able to run a battery life check by activating the ‘disable jamming’ gold skin sensitive switch on the card, if the green LED light starts to flash you still have battery life. If your battery doesn’t flash or is weak it is time for a new ARMOURCARD. For some great tips on extending Armourcard battery life go here

*average use has been calculated by being powered up 10 times a day (ie putting out a jamming signal or using the disable jamming / battery test feature for several seconds at a time)


Operating Instructions


How can I save battery life

There are a few things you can do to extend your battery life they are: 1. Ensure that your Armourcard is not near the ‘tap & go’ terminal (reader) when you use your credit or debit card to pay at the terminal. – This will mean Armourcard’s will be far enough away & the jamming feature will not power up. 2. When you pay using a ‘tap & go’ credit / debit card take card out of your wallet and pay – again this means Armourcard does not get near enough to the reader to get a signal & then power up 3. Do not use the disable jamming feature as this powers up card to turn jamming off when in range of a reader – (refer to point 1 & 2 above) 4. By doing this you will only be using your Armourcard as it is intended as a security measure in your wallet and therefore it will only be using power when someone illegally tries to interrogate / skim your cards or passports.


FAQ’s (click here for more info) 


Product Code:

Armour card


Size (cm):

8.55L x 5.4W x 0.28D


Warranty (years):