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The name AIRBAC says it all. With innovative technology, AIRBAC has been able to develop a unique air support system that will have you feeling like you are carrying half the weight.

AIRBAC is the most comfortable backpack in the world. It improves your posture and spinal alignment. If it’s not on your back, it can’t hurt your back.  AIRBAC provides shock absorption and adjusts to fit any body type. It is a stylish solution to what you carry whether it be your laptop or other personal possessions.

Back health is essential to everyday being.  Heavy, poorly constructed backpacks are unhealthy and unsafe. AIRBAC will keep your back happy with products that are comfortable and stylish.

Chiropractors, parents, hikers and business executives cannot get enough of AIRBAC. The AIRBAC revolution now makes carrying your everyday items a breeze and will alleviate back stress when carrying excess weight in your backpack.

AIRBAC is made out of very durable material. It is constructed with extra thick, double stitch nylon and thick shoulder straps. The air support system is made of puncture resistant vinyl. AIRBAC is guaranteed to give you years of comfort.

AIRBAC is your solution to a heavy backpack. No body has your back like AIRBAC. 


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