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The Helium Air suitcase is both robust and classically stylish. It was designed by Delsey, one of France’s most famous luggage brands. If you prefer to buy from trusted manufacturers, Delsey has been producing chic yet practical travel accessories for 70 years.

The Helium Air’s rounded edges give it a retro look. Available in a cheerful shade of red, it can easily be spotted. In addition to its eye-catching looks, this suitcase is also exceptionally durable. If you’re wondering what makes its exterior so strong, the secret lies in Delsey’s plastic formula. Helium Air suitcases are made from virgin polycarbonate, an extremely hardwearing synthetic material. This means you won’t have to worry if your suitcase happens to be bounced around on a bumpy plane ride or jammed into the boot of a taxi.

Featuring packing straps and a zip pocket, the Helium Air’s interior is fully lined. Its multidirectional wheels and lightweight structure make for effortless manoeuvrability. You can also secure your belongings with a TSA combination lock.

The Helium Air suitcase eliminates any need to choose between fashion and functionality. Whether it’s being wheeled through the streets of Paris, New York or wherever your wanderlust takes you, it looks good in any setting.

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